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The roots of Pansing Hogan Ernst & Buser LLP run deep. PHEB and its progeny may be traced back to before the turn of the century, when Frank Homer Gaines, followed the advice of Horace Greely and headed west across the Missouri River from his home in Adair County, Iowa. Since 1894, Gaines & many others have practiced law under a shingle in Omaha. The following is the evolution of today’s firm from the time Frank Gaines moved to Omaha in January of 1894:


1894 to 1895 Frank H. Gaines, Esq.
1895 to 1899 Meikle & Gaines
1899 to 1900 Duffie, Gaines & Kelby
1900 to 1901 Duffie, Gaines, Kelby & Storey
1901 to 1905 Gaines, Kelby & Storey
1905 to 1908 McGilton & Gaines
1908 to 1919 McGilton, Gaines & Smith
1919 to 1920 Gaines & Van Orsdel
1920 to 1922 Gaines, Ziegler, Van Orsdel & Gaines
1922 to 1928 Gaines, Van Orsdel & Gaines
1928 to 1930 Gaines, McGilton, Van Orsdel & Gaines
1930 to 1934 Gaines, McGilton, McLaughlin & Gaines
1934 to 1939 Gaines, McLaughlin & Gaines
1939 to 1943 Gaines, McLaughlin & Shoemaker
1943 to 1947 Gaines & Shoemaker
1947 to 1952 Gaines, Shoemaker & Crawford
1952 to 1953 Gaines & Crawford
1953 to 1956 Gaines, Spittler & Gaines
1956 to 1957 Gaines, Spittler & Moore
1957 to 1972 Gaines, Spittler, Neely, Otis & Moore
1972 to 1975 Gaines, Spittler & Otis
1975 to 1978 Gaines, Spittler, Otis, Mullen & Carta
1978 to 1981 Gaines, Otis, Mullen & Carta
1981 to 1985 Gaines, Otis, Haggart, Mullen & Carta
1985 to 1986 Gaines, Otis, Mullen & Carta
1986 to 1989 Gaines, Mullen, Pansing, Hogan & Cotton
1989 to 2000 Gaines, Mullen, Pansing & Hogan
2000 to 2004 Gaines, Pansing & Hogan
2004 to Aug 2023 Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachman LLP
Aug 2023 to Present Pansing Hogan Ernst & Buser LLP


Frank H Gaines, Esquire
1863 – 1937

Frank Gaines was born in Victoria, Knox County, Illinois, on April 8, 1863, the son of Homer and Martha (Boyer) Gaines. His father was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, in 1838, and as a youth moved to Illinois, of which his wife was a native. He served as a second lieutenant in an Illinois regiment of infantry during the Civil War. These parents in 1912 established their home in Omaha.

Frank H. Gaines was educated in public schools in Knox County, Illinois, attended Knox College at Galesburg, graduated Bachelor of Science in 1884, and studied law in the Hastings College of Law at San Francisco, California. In 1889, he was admitted after examination before the Supreme Court of Iowa, and began the active practice of his profession at Greenfield, Iowa, becoming associated with Judge Storey of that city, the firm name being Storey & Gaines. Within sixty days after his admission to the bar, Frank Gaines was nominated for the office of County Attorney of Adair County, and was elected, serving two terms from 1890 to 1894.

In January of 1894, Frank Gaines moved to Omaha and began the practice of law in the New York Life Building at 16th and Farnam Streets. In October of 1895, he formed a law partnership with James B. Meikle under the firm name of Meikle & Gaines. Frank Gaines continued to practice law in the Omaha area until his death in November of 1937.


PHEB and its predecessors have a long history of service to the Omaha Bar Association. The following is a list of the past presidents of the Omaha Bar Association who are or have at one time been affiliated with the firm

1918 E. G. McGilton
1932-33 Charles F. McLaughlin
1940-41 Francis S. Gaines
1945-46 Victor E. Spittler
1961 Robert D. Mullin
1972 Howard H. Moldenhauer
1975-76 Harry B. Otis
1981-82 Tyler B. Gaines